We are women from all walks of life in different stages of our lives.  We are Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Workers, Artists, Business Professionals, Work at home moms, Visionaries, Daughters, Sisters and so much more…

Who is out there that you can connect with? Who is right in your city that you can have coffee with? Meet to discuss business strategies, listen to success stories, give or get advice or simply be with like-minded individuals who share your energy.

Why not turn whine into wine or go for eighteen holes while picking each other’s brain for a business start-up. Share lessons learned and wisdom gained. There’s no need to find things in common at first. We are everywhere and we need to connect!

It’s not all about business, nor is it a happy hour club or a session at the shrink’s. It’s all of that and about making connections and creating new friendships with Amazing Women who rise to the occasion whatever the challenge is!

Looking forward to meeting you one day.
~ Founder, Christine Sternfels.



Published by Christine Sternfels

Creative, curious, challenges the norm, opinionated and enjoys brainstorming. Love family and friends, photography, simplicity, beauty & wine.

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